I was confused about my Medicare health care options as I was turning 65. That is when I received a letter from Robert letting me know he could assist me. I am glad I did. Not only did he thoroughly explain my options he helped me choose the Medicare Advantage Plan that was best for me.

- Susan G.

My employer told me that my health care options from work would end on my retirement. I was worried because I was over 65 and concerned that I was too late for a Medicare Advantage Plan. Robert explained to me I had what is known as a Special Election period to enroll in a plan. I was relieved to hear this and he helped me through the enrollment process.

- Dorothy G.

Robert was a great asset in helping me with my Medicare enrollment and my options available to me. I am glad I reached out to him.

- Robert S.

Robert had a wonderful way of explaining my options for Medicare Plans.

- Sally F.

As I was turning 65, I received a lot of mail about Medicare. Robert’s caught my attention. I wanted a knowledgeable and experienced person to help me with my options and Robert was that person.

- Tom T.

Last year I retired and needed to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Bob explained to me the various plans in detail and helped me determine the best plan for me. I am very happy with my choice. Bob is very personable, patient and thorough. All the qualities one needs to understand the various different plans. You can’t go wrong with Bob.

- Maria M.

I contacted Robert during the recent AEP and asked him to look at my current Medicare Advantage Plan. It was a PPO and I wanted the flexibility that a PPO plan offers. After reviewing my plan and the other multiple plans in my area, Robert showed me another PPO Plan through the same carrier. It was a much better plan with lower co-pays and Total Out-of-Pocket Maximums. Robert was knowledgeable, professional and showed a keen understanding of the Medicare Plans in my area. I highly recommend Robert for your Medicare needs.

- Brenda N.

Robert helped me to understand my Medicare options when I turned 65. Based on the information I gave him he helped me find the best Medicare Advantage Plan for my needs.

- John M.

Robert made it easy for me to both understand and enroll in my Medicare Advantage Plan.

- Terry J.

Prior to my retirement I contacted Robert to see if he could assist me with the right Medicare plan option. I planned on traveling throughout the United States and wanted the flexibility to see any doctor without worry of medical networks. Robert suggested a Medicare Supplement Plan. It was perfect for my needs and he aided me as I needed help with the enrollment process.